Basic sales skills

Sales skills training is crucial for new and experienced sales professionals. The training is intended to assist them achieve company sales goals. Common topics for most training programs include:

  • Building customer relationships
  • Closing deals or transactions
  • Establishing new sales prospects
  • How to handle failed deals

Described below shows the components of our sales skills training


Sales people ought to pitch their proposals in appealing stories in order to convince potential clients. Great story telling inspires and builds bonds. This way, a sales person gets to capture and motivate the clients into purchasing a product or service. However, the stories need to be delivered effectively, build suspense, balanced with facts and relatable to the product or service.


Persuasion is an art mastered as a gate way to closing deals. Psychologists developed three key rules to persuasion:

  • Appeal to emotion
  • Argument validity
  • Establishing credibility

Further highlighted are principles that align with the rules. They include:

Principle of scarcity- this psychological technique is exploited by making specific scarce and available for a short duration.

Principle of reciprocity- the technique is applicable to potential clients. For instance, offering after sale services, discounts and free samples.

Effective communication

Effective communication is essential for sales people if they are to meet their sales targets. Importantly, they have to familiarize with their products and services in order to market their requirements. Not only does communication entail relaying ideas but also paying attention to clients. To improve their communication, sales people need to master body language indicators as well as manage their tone.


 According to research, focused, ambitious, competitive and up to task individuals have a driving mentality hence more likely to hit sales targets. People with such personality are also self-driven, initiators and great decision makers. Our training aims at teaching and refining sales skills.

Customer relationship

Connecting with clients maybe challenging. Building a relationship and net working entails more than being acquainted. It presents a chance to  gain access to new opportunities by growing and encouraging repeat business with clients.

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