Team building Mombasa has contracted  a number of Beach Hotels that are economical and budget friendly to suit your needs.

Budget hotels offer the bare essentials for a cheaper price as compared to standard hotels. Guests are guaranteed safe and clean rooms that are not all inclusive as other services maybe provided but at an extra expense.

The cost of budget hotels varies based on the location, amenities offered and the specific season. Most of budget hotels are into the one–two star hotel classification, hence they offer similar facilities and amenities

Advantages of budget friendly hotels mombasa

  • You get to extend your stay as compared to staying in highly priced hotels
  • Budget hotels are fairly charged
  • You get to have extra money for other expenses
  • Budget hotels are just as efficient as luxurious hotels
  • It is easier to book and locate budget hotels
  • Drinks and meals are offered at a fair price

The venues include:

Budget Friendly  Team Building Venues in Mombasa

  • PrideInn Express Nyali
  • Mombasa Continental Resort
  • Silver Star Beach Hotel
  • The Plaza Beach Hotel

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