The basic fact about telesales is WHEN THE PHONE IS PUT DOWN – THE SALE IS OVER.
The phone is probably the most used tool in modern business. This is largely because it is a (relatively) cheap and efficient way of contacting many customers in a short period of time, giving information quickly and effectively and receiving instant answers and hopefully sales. Selling over the telephone is a specialist activity whether you are selling the appointment or a product direct and is different to face to face encounters so it is vital that you can learn the techniques and strategies that are best suited for lead generation and selling over the telephone.

At Eagles Management Consultants, we understand the desire to generate more leads, set up more appointments or make more sales over the telephone. Our Telesales training is designed to cover all of the essential telephone selling skills that you need to feel comfortable in making and dealing with those cold calls.

•Telesales staff, Telemarketing staff, Incoming call handlers, Outbound sales staff, Business development managers, New salespeople, Salespeople who need a refresher and need to get “back to basics” , Client relationship managers, Account managers

At the end of this course, participants will:
•Learn the most effective outbound telephone sales calling model
•Learn how to identify the specific needs of your client and how to match these with what you are selling/offering
•Learn high impact opening statements
•Learn phrases and one-liners to progress the sale
•Learn how to avoid those dreaded silences if things are not going your way
•Learn how to respond to objections and excuses
•Learn how to ask for the appointment or the sale
•Enhance your questioning and listening skills
•Learn closing techniques of how to get to that “YES” and close the sale
•Learn how to build effortless rapport with your prospects

MODULE 1: Introduction and Course Overview

MODULE 2: The Sales Process
•The Four Steps of a Sale
•How the Sales Cycle Works

MODULE 3: The Fear Factor in Sales
•Defining the Fear Factor
•The Myth of the Fear Factor
•Overcoming the Fear Factor

MODULE 4: The Importance of Voice
•Understanding the Four Factors of Voice
•How to Improve Your Selling Voice

MODULE 5: The Telephone as a Business Tool
•Advantages of the Telephone
•Disadvantages of the Telephone
•Making the Most of the Telephone

MODULE 6: Pre-Call Planning
•The Importance of Pre-Call Planning
•Tips for Planning Your Call

MODULE 7: Generating Appointments
•Preparing for the Appointment Call
•Example Scripts for Generating Appointments
•Exercise: Create Your Own Script

MODULE 8: Dealing with Gatekeepers
•Why Gatekeepers Stop You
•Proven Techniques for Getting Gatekeepers Onside

MODULE 9: Incoming Calls
•Preparing For Incoming Calls: The Four Types of Call
•Guidelines for Opening the Call
•The Six Ps
•Meeting Customer Expectations: Four Areas of Expectation
•First Impressions Exercise

MODULE 10: Voice Mail Messages
•Why We Should Leave Voice Mail Messages
•Voice Mail Etiquette
•How to Craft a Voice Mail Message

MODULE 11: Action – ABC: Always Be Closing
•Asking for the Business
•Effective Closing Techniques
•Types of Close
•Framing the Close
•Pitfalls When Closing the Sale
•Trial Closing
•Aiming For Repeat Business
•Maximizing Profit

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