Staff Capacity Training

The process of enhancing an organization’s strength and long-term viability is known as capacity-building. It’s not just crucial; it’s crucial to the growth and sustainability of your organization. Capacity-building helps in focusing on your objective rather than just surviving. Our Staff capacity training programs are therefore based on the demonstrable increase in an organization’s ability to achieve its goal through a combination of:

  • competent management
  • strong governance
  • commitment to analyzing and attaining organizational goals

Staff capacity training programs starts with board leaders who are responsible for innovation and expansion of organizations. Other employees should be involved in the capacity training process. We conduct our training in groups since group learning promotes retention of information as well as integrating capacity training to the organization as a whole. Other shareholders relevant to the organization may be involved so as to increase efficiency.

Staff capacity training is classified into three levels:

  • Individual level
  • Organizational level
  • Systemic level

At the individual level, we focus on altering behaviors and attitudes by encouraging the exchange of ideas and knowledge amongst the staff. We also instill knowledge on various developmental skills while encouraging active participation. We focus on functioning and the overall performance as well as the organizational ability to make changes and manage risks. Finally at the systemic level, we train on engagement with the external environment and the impact it brings to the organization.

Duration: 2 hours

Number of participants: up to 100Pax

Virtual training platform: Zoom (other options available)

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