Dealing with difficult customers

Customer care agents require a number of skills to enable them deal with difficult customers. They need to be act polite and with utmost professionalism. An agents focus should be customer satisfaction and the value of the business. Some customers may be difficult to deal with, hence the need to equip customer care agents with ways of dealing with difficult customers.  The following highlights some tips on dealing with difficult customers in our training program:

Understanding different customers- the different types of customers include:

  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Upset or angry customers
  • Clueless and indecisive customers
  • Impatient and aggressive customers
  • Argumentative, entitled and demanding customers

The best ways of handling such customers include:

  • Listening in to the demands of the customer
  • Apologize for any inconvenience and find reasonable solutions
  • Offer a variety of choices and allow room for decision making
  • Decline politely to demands of intimidating customers
  • Avoiding confrontations
  • Follow up
  • Seek feedback
  • Maintain a proper body language
  • Avoid projecting personal issues
  • Refer extreme cases to team leaders or supervisors

Duration: 2 hours

Number of participants: up to 100Pax

Virtual training platform: Zoom (other options available)

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