Winning pitches is vital to the success of any business. Yet all too often the process is rushed, the presenters lack impact and the outcome is unsatisfactory. It’s often not the best company or proposal that wins – it’s the ones that are most effectively presented. The difference between winning and losing a pitch can be marginal so it’s essential – with large amounts of money at stake and many days of work involved – that your pitch is presented with maximum impact.
This sales presentation & pitching trainings is highly practical and interactive. It helps build competence, impact and confidence to the participants. From making a powerful first impression on entering the room to pitching in a powerful and persuasive way that focuses on client/customer concerns, participants make rapid progress. They leave with tools, tips and techniques they can put into use immediately to increase the conversion rate of pitches and win more business.

All sales & marketing professionals who needs to convince, persuade and close the deal using effective sales pitches and presentations

By the end of the session participants will:
•Know how to create a powerful customer experience in pitches and presentations
•Be able to adjust their message and style to suit their audience and the context
•Be able to structure their pitch to communicate a compelling sales story
•Understand different types of audience and know different types of sales pitches
•Identify and understand customer’s reference level of expectation
•Know the principles of persuasion to pitch effectively
•Use stories and present confidently to influence audience to take actions


Module I: What Does Excellence Look Like?
•What makes a powerful sales presentation?
•Understanding different presentation types
•Key factors in audience behavior

Module II: The Four C’s Presentation Model
•Describe the importance of utilizing a presentation development process
•How to plan out and create dynamic content in your presentation
•Techniques on how to capture your audience’s attention
•Strategies on how to connect with your audience
•Learn how to conclude your presentation with impact

Module III: Planning & Preparation
•Begin with the end in mind
•Understanding selection criteria
•Understanding the needs of your audience
•Content planning and mapping
•Presentation structure
•What’s the WOW factor going to be?

Module IV: Delivery Techniques
•Creating a positive first impression
•Understanding your natural style
•Using high impact communication techniques
•Making the most of body language
•Using (but not relying on) visual aids
•Positioning when delivering the sales presentation
•Increasing credibility throughout
•Presenting complex information
•Generating engagement and interest in what you are saying

Module V: Closing the Presentation
•How to conclude the sales presentation effectively
•Dealing with questions and overcoming resistance
•Motivating others to act
•Transitioning to the close and asking for the business

NB: We can tailor this based on your requirements, adding any topics or areas in that you need.

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