Mombasa has a long history that can be traced back to 16th century texts. Due to the city’s favorably centralized location, several tradesmen attempted to impose their rule on it, and Arabian influence can still be felt today from the culture to the cuisines and architecture. Mombasa city  is also home to some of the best reviewed hotels in Kenya. Some of these hotels are standard hotels that double as team building venues.

Seeking to find the perfect venues that are well balanced for comfort? Worry not. Standard team building hotels always stand out due to various factors such as

Standard hotels always stand out due to various factors such as

  • Located in trendy urban settings- for aesthetics and social ambience
  • Personalized services for guests- to minimize any chance of disappointments and conflict
  • Private accommodation- to keep appropriate social boundaries and to avoid distractions
  • Easy booking- to access the venue on time
  • Exceptional amenities- such as spa, pool, gym
  • Private beaches and gardens for team building activities- for flawless facilitation and team bonding

Here’s a list of  hotel venues for your team building training.

Standard Team Building Venues in Mombasa


  • PrideInn Flamingo Beach Resort and spa
  • Hotel EnglishPoint and spa
  • Mombasa Beach Hotel
  • Bahari Beach Resort
  • CityBlue Creekside Hotel and Suites
  • Severin Sea Lodge

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