Organization Culture

At Eagles Management Consultants, we love to put it this way; that if an organization was a person then its culture would be its personality – a reflection of everything it represents. The shared beliefs and values of an organization are its underlining pillars of success. Structures and strategies are only as strong and effective as the cultural foundation of an organization. An organizations culture is its determinant of success; its competitive edge against other organizations at the market place. It defines and explains what things are done, how they are done and why they are done in a particular way.

It is one thing to have a multimillion vision, and another to have the millions of people behind it believe in it. When people understand what the organization stands for, they own it, engage and invest in it.

•Communication professionals
•Human resource professionals.

•Introduce the concept of culture-centered organization to team members, and reiterate on the importance of defining processes and traditions at the work place.
•To equip managers with prerequisite information on how to influence team members towards doing things in a particular way.
•Assisting the organization in creating a relationship between culture and success.
•Impact knowledge to team leaders on how to manage the values and traditions of an organization.

Module I: The context of organizational culture.
•Defining culture.
•Identifying different elements that make up culture.

Module II: Understanding/Diagnosing your organization’s culture
•Describing your culture and its norms.
•Identifying the organizations values.
•Identifying the cultures underlying assumptions.

Module III: The Importance of Organizational Culture
•The meaning of organizational culture
•Values that define the culture of an organization
•Functions of organizational culture and their impact on employees
•How organizational subcultures form
•Strong vs Weak cultures

Module IV: Developing and Sustaining Company Culture
•How to create and sustain organizational culture
•Creating an ethical and positive culture in organizations
•Fitting new employees into the organizations’ culture
•Achieving continuity in culture

Our approach to Organizational Culture
As holistic as organizational culture is, so is our approach to it. We take into consideration all organizational milestones, experiences, company objectives and values.
We assess your strategies and collaborate with management teams to identify all in-betweens towards not just helping you identify your culture but in turning that culture into a tradition.

Duration: 2 hours

Number of participants: up to 100Pax

Virtual training platform: Zoom (other options available)

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