Tsavo East

Tsavo east national park is Kenya’s oldest and most massive national park. The park lies in the coastal region. It’s a nature spectacle with a healthy number of the big five animals. River Galana contributes to the park’s popularity among tourists as red dusted elephants enjoy cooling off in turquoise water.  There are various executive hotels and lodges that happen to be suitable team building venues. The venues are either within or outside the park.

  1. Ashnil Aruba lodge

You will find Ashnil Aruba Lodge overlooking an irresistible and attractive oasis in Tsavo East National Park. The Aruba dam, also the oasis, is where the lodge traces its name from. The lodge is surrounded by lush landscaped grounds fit for team building activities. The facilities include:

  • Ensuite rooms overlooking the oasis
  • Swimming pool
  • Bar and restaurant- meals on full board basis
  1. Sentrim Tsavo

Sentrim Tsavo camp is set in a shady grove of trees surrounded by boskia trees within Tsavo East National Park. The camp provides the feeling of a founder’s camp while also offering the comforts of a stable camp with modern facilities. The facilities include:

  • Bar and restaurant
  • Swimming pool with a pool bar
  • Fireplace
  1. Taita hills safari resort and spa

Located at Kenya’s Taita Hill Sanctuary is the magnificent Sarova Taita hills safari lodge. The lodge features spacious ensuite rooms with private balconies and modernized amenities. In addition to that, fresh and quality meals are also offered on full board basis. Guests can opt to go for game drives through the park early in the morning before a refreshing team building activity or afterwards in the evening.

The facilities and activities offered in summary include:

  • Ensuite private rooms
  • Bar and restraint
  • Garden
  • Spa
  • Swimming pool
  • Excursions to nearby sites and sanctuaries such as, Aruba dam, Taita hills, Lugard falls, Lake Jipe, Mzima springs
  1. Man Eaters Camp

The camp was named after man eating lions that killed about 140 workers, of the Tsavo River bridge construction in 1898. The killings occurred in a span of three months so the lions had to be hunted down so that work could proceed uninterrupted. The lions were successfully killed three weeks apart.

The camp facilities include:

  • Ensuite tents overlooking River Tsavo
  • lounge
  • bar and restaurant
  • swimming pool- rock built

Tsavo West

Tsavo west is a stunning, rocky environment with pure crystal water streaming out from Mzima springs. Vast grasslands, savannah and rugged ridges make up the ecosystem. Additionally, there’s a lookout where the guests enjoy views of the abundant herds in the stretching plains. Guests are guaranteed the best luxurious, standard, budget friendly and self catering hotels, campsites and lodges. Some of these venues double up as executive team building venues in Tsavo.

  1. Finch Hattons Luxury Tented Camp

Welcome to Kenya’s luxurious tented camp in Tsavo west national park. The camp boasts of rich biodiversity which stretches far and wide. Africa’s tallest Mount Kilimanjaro lies to the west and the soft Chyulu Hills to the North West. The multiple awards winning camp is also known for its high quality accommodations and hospitality. Get that safari experience as well as customized African experiences.

The camp facilities include:

  • VIP room facilities
  • Pool with a view
  • Fitness centre and spa
  • Bar and restaurant
  1. Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge

Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge in Tsavo West National Park is a calm, serene, and pleasant hideaway flanked by Mount Kilimanjaro and the undulating, volcanic panoramas of the vibrant green Chyulu Hills. Guests are enchanted by the iconic stone design and architecture as well as the wildlife cooling off from a nearby water hole.

The lodge facilities include:

  • Lush and spacious accommodation
  • Restaurant and rock built bar with views
  • Sundeck swimming pool
  • Gardens
  1. Voyager Ziwani Camp

Voyager Ziwani provides a serene getaway from one of the last natural areas on Earth, with a beautiful view of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro and good accessibility to the wild wonders of Tsavo West National Park. The camp also stands on a remote dam on the Sante River, inhabited by some wild animals in a reserve on the western border of Tsavo.

The camp facilities include:

  • Private ensuite tents
  • Bar and Restaurant
  • Conference room
  • Game drives
  • Lush gardens
  1. Kitani Severin Safari Lodge

Severin Safari Camp provides a unique opportunity to interact with Kenya’s magnificent untamed nature, enjoy the unique dance of colors at daybreak and twilight, listen to the whispers of the forest, and be at peace with you. The camp has developed a spot in Tsavo West National Park that embodies the country’s profound bond like nothing else.

The lodge facilities include:

  • Bandas with a bush landscape
  • Restaurant
  • Wellness spa
  • Tented conference room
  • Game drives

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