Member’s Education Training

Sacco members education training is essential as we stress on financial growth both in good and difficult economic situations. Saccos promote a people centered approach to societal management. By training members, they increase their knowledge on the notion of accountability and good governance. Our member training covers a variety of personal financial issues where we train on financial goal setting with the aim of boosting monthly deposits while decreasing the withdrawal rate.

The primary objectives of our members education program include:

  • Empower members on their rights and duties to the Sacco
  • Empowering members with knowledge as they evaluate various financial decisions
  • Empower members with tools to identify and mitigate financial risks
  • Empower members on fraud and scams that they can fall prey to
  • Increase the number of educated members as the word will spread
  • Empower members on financial and retirement plans

Duration: 2 hours

Number of participants: up to 100Pax

Virtual training platform: Zoom (other options available)

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