Relationship Skills

Relationships can be difficult; this is because we humans are difficult in the natural. However, the ability to bolster bonds whether at an individual or corporate level is a skill in itself; one that compliments all other professional skills we may hold. Whether it is in creating relationships, maintaining them or treating other people with expected empathy, relationships determine how people perceive our messages at the market place. Relationship skills training is customized to help you improve on your “people skills”

Target Audience:
This course targets anyone who looks to develop proper “people skills” or improve on their ability to bolster better relationships both socially and professionally.
It would also suit specifically people in public relations, teaching, mediation, diplomacy, marketing, media, sales, business development, customer service, supervision, management and team leaders among many other professionals.

By the end of this session, participants should be able to:
•Understand the importance of creating lasting bonds
•Establish a partnering mindset
•Be equipped with effective interpersonal skills
•Answer client/customer objections satisfactory
•Understand themselves and their relation to other people more
•Identify the difficulties and obstacles in relating to others

Course Outline:
Module I: Understanding relationship skills
•Importance of positive relationships
•Effective relationship skills
•Managing emotions

Module II: Effective communications
•Understanding basic communication skills
•The art of one on one communications
•Verbal vs. non-verbal communications
•Building consensus

Module III: Building teams
•Creating synergy
•Conflict resolution

Module IV: Managing meetings and presentations
•Setting the tone
•The art of managing effective meetings
•Presenting powerfully
•Managing feedback

Our Approach:
Apart from one on one session with our trainers, this course will include;
•Small group discussion sessions
•Role plays and stimulations
•Written and presentation assignments and,
•Question and answer sessions.

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