Regulatory and Reporting Guidelines Training

The presentation of documents to a competent body in order o establish conformity to regulatory authority is known as regulatory reporting. It is the procedure that companies and individuals must go through on a regular basis to demonstrate that they adhere to the rules. Regulatory report is done internally and externally. A well-functioning organization is one that conducts both internal and external audit, or the regulatory regulations, to ensure that all protocols are observed. We come in as consultants and therefore offer regulatory and reporting guidelines training.

Our training is based on:

  • proper record keeping- we train clients on keeping extensive records of transactions made in order to have sufficient evidence that the company adheres to set regulations.
  • Accountability, sustainability and good governance
  • Clarity- presenting standards and logic for stakeholders to understand their contribution towards accurate reports
  • How to comply to the demands of regulatory authorities

Duration: 2 hours

Number of participants: up to 100Pax

Virtual training platform: Zoom (other options available)

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