Self-catering team building venues Malindi are suitable for teams seeking more privacy and freedom when it comes to dietary and comfort. Self-catering venues are less costly as compared to hotels especially when a group is involved. The venues are equipped with functional kitchen ware hence people can prepare and have meals whenever they please.

Compared to hotel rooms, the accommodations are larger making them fit for a group. Most venues have a common room where people can enjoy each other’s company and separate bed rooms for privacy. The venues also have magnificent views of the ocean as well as well groomed gardens for relaxation and team building facilitation.

Suppose you opt for Self Catering Team Building Venues, we got you covered with a number of cottages and apartments to choose from. The Team Building Venues include:

Self catering team building venues in Malindi

  • Mambrui Golden Beach Bar And Cottages
  • African House Resort
  • Beverly Suites Malindi
  • Tembo Court Apartments

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