Board Leadership Training

Board leadership training programs can assist a board in fulfilling its responsibilities and making a significant impact on the performance of the company. Solid training will walk you through the mechanics of the finest performing boards while also assisting you in exploring your own board issues. Since every board has a distinct function in company governance and obligation to stakeholders, it adopts an optimized and efficient methodology. Highlighted below are the outcomes of our board leadership training program.

Creating better action plans

The ultimate goal is to create better action plans from lessons learnt in order to resolve any board issues. Clear action plans will also ensure long term and excellent performance in the organization.

Board members interaction

In board leadership training, members have a lot to gain from each other. The board members must draw on the most important aspects of their experience, knowledge and skills. This will be most evident in a highly participatory environment where they get to debate and confront one another on board issues as well as good corporate governance. The leaders need to use their complementing skills.

Apprehend board dynamics

The structure and dynamics of the board are crucial for optimal performance. The board will make effective use of their varied skills within the context of a constructive board culture. Board leadership training programs can help you develop the skills you need to create a positive board culture, especially if you do it as a group.

Defining roles, risk mitigation and identifying opportunities

Board leaders’ composition varies depending on the corporation and authority. Furthermore, defining your own board’s specific oversight functions and extent may be tough. Board leaders engage in strategic planning to effectively stake out its own unique function. The training will illuminate board-specific risk mitigation and opportunity maximization measures. You’ll learn how to solve obstacles and improve your board’s performance by developing framework, skills and tools for action plans.

Duration: 2 hours

Number of participants: up to 100Pax

Virtual training platform: Zoom (other options available)

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