Strategic Plan Review Facilitation

Your existing strategy plan is reviewed as part of our Strategic Plan Review facilitation. This evaluation guarantees that your plan is precise, functional, and up to date with industry standards and advances. The evaluation process also involves a review of how your strategy may be integrated into your organizational and operational framework, ensuring that all goals in day activities are focused on attaining stated goals.

With your present strategic plan, the strategic planning review process enquires about the following:

  1. What has been achieved and what is yet to be achieved
  2. Any changes experienced in the organization
  3. What to eliminate and what to implement in the new strategic plan

Facilitation of a strategic planning review with the Management and executive staff entails:

  • Look at what was overlooked and what needs to be included in the revamped strategic plan.
  • Strategies for incorporating the strategic plan into success factors for all departments.
  • Examine any revised strategic assumptions and their implications for the overall strategy. and work roles
  • Evaluate the effect of the vision/mission declaration on decision-making.
  • Address measures for guaranteeing that the strategic plan is implemented at multiple levels
  • Assess new possibilities and hazards against the present strategic strategy and applicable business strategies.

In partnership with Eagles Management Consultants, we have the most skilled strategic planning experts on staff, with considerable expertise and knowledge in creating distinctive and effective strategy plans. Our personnel are also skilled at-risk mitigation plans that function. We have facilitated and trained corporate strategy risk and performance management to hundreds of organizations. The organizations are actively changing their techniques to include the best and most efficient strategic planning and risk management techniques.

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Duration: 2 hours

Number of participants: up to 100Pax

Virtual training platform: Zoom (other options available)


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