In its simplest definition, management is being in charge of things, places and / or people. Many at times it is an administrative function, which means that it requires a certain set of rule to excel at it.
Our management skills-training program is customized just for you; to assist you in everything you should know around planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. It is important to be a leader, but more of an added advantage when you have effective management expertise and skills to add to your title.

Target audience
This course benefits anyone who manages places or people both at a social and corporate level:
•First time managers
•Sectional and department supervisor
•Team leaders
•Church leaders
•Human resource professionals
•Change managers
•New managers
•Prospective managers

Course Objectives
At the end of this course, we expect participants to:
•Have knowledge on how to hold their teams together by managing change effectively.
•Understand and adopt techniques on how to motivate their team.
•Articulate their strength and opportunities as managers.
•Link up management vision of success to affecting organizational performance.
•Understand their kind of management and use it effectively.
•Initiate strategies and goals to help prioritize and met objectives.

Course Outline:
Module I: Understanding the concept of Management.
•Define Management
•Different styles and approaches to management

Module II: The manager’s role
•Who is a manager?
•Explaining and adopting to the tasks of a manager.

Module III: Becoming an effective manager
•Characteristics of an effective manager.
•How to assess your own management style
•Servant Leadership’ leading from the front.
•Forming a team.
•Defining roles and expectations.
•Improving group dynamics.
•Building trust.
•Time Management.
•Managing Conflict.
•Coaching and Mentorship.
•How to develop proper communication and influencing skills.

Module IV: Managing performance
•Aligning objectives to the organizational vision.
•Delegation and prioritizing.
•Conducting and managing meetings.
•Inspiring and motivating work excellence in the team.
•Setting targets and goals.
•Conducting performance reviews.

Our approach
Eagles Management will make this course as comprehensive as possible. Our training is majorly practical; our facilitators will use a lot of case studies while tailoring the objectives to meet your expectations and beyond.

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